Nina Sara Fraticelli Guzmán

PhD Student, Bioengineering

Tell us about your research background.

I graduate with a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from MIT in 2019. During that time, I conducted research in microfluidics at MIT in Dr. Roger Kamm’s lab, machine design for drug deliver in Dr. Michael Cima’s lab, and immunotherapy in the Instituto de Medicina Molecular (IBB) in Portugal under Dr. Joao Barata. I also gained experience in industry working with Lockheed Martin and Bose Corporations. Since arriving at GT in 2019, I completed a Master’s in Bioengineering under Dr. Craig Forest on a filtration project for viruses and bacteria. Currently, I’m gaining new skills with animal work in my new, current project!

What’s the title of your project and what’s it about?

Effect of menopause on aqueous outflow resistance and TM stiffness

My project focuses on investigating glaucoma from a women’s health perspective, specifically the potential impact menopause can have on glaucoma development. To evaluate this, multiple biomechanical approaches are used.

Favorite place you’ve travelled to?

Porto, Portugal. Amazing architecture and bridges!

Favorite eating spot in Atlanta?

Too many but here’s a few: Truva – Virginia Highlands (amazing Turkish food!), Blue India, Sweet Auburn BBQ

What do you enjoy doing outside of lab?

I’ve gotten to enjoy hiking here and love to play volleyball.

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