Gabriela Sánchez Rodriguez

PhD Student, Bioengineering

Tell us about your research background.

I graduated Biomedical Engineering from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, focusing on medical image processing and acquisition. I did my junior year at Georgia Tech where I started working in glaucoma research in the Ethier Lab. I then did my undergraduate thesis on deep learning segmentation of retinal layers with Dr. Feola.

What’s the title of your project and what’s it about?

Deep Learning algorithm development to measure mechanical properties from the retina

My project goal is to obtain the mechanical properties of each of the retinal layers to understand how age and menopause affect glaucoma. To do so, I am trying to implement deep learning algorithms trained on OCT images.

Favorite place you’ve travelled to?

Cyprus, there is a Greek and a Turkish part so you get very different experiences within the same country!

Favorite eating spot in Atlanta?

Blue India

What do you enjoy doing outside of lab?

I love running! I am currently training to run a marathon!

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